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Product Training

Training Opportunities

MS Tech offers a wide range of training programs for individual products.

Product Training 
MS Tech is proud to offer extensive training programs for our customers. Dependent on your needs, our classes can be held at our training facilities or on your site.

Operator Training 
These courses provide instruction on how to operate our products. Our goal is to ensure a quality curriculum is provided to your staff so they can safely operate and maintain your MS Tech equipment to its full potential.

Technical Training 
Our Technical Training program will provide your qualified on-site technicians with the necessary knowledge base. This training program is designed for those customers whose needs dictate having an MS Tech Certified technician on-site to accommodate short notice requirements, or a customer with a large product base of MS Tech equipment.

Customized Training 
Specialized training curriculums can be developed upon customer request, where we will tailor the class to fit the needs and competency level of the employee. Where appropriate, programs such as Train-the-Trainer, Third Party Representative Training and Re-Certification Training are available.

For more information on how these services can benefit your organization, please contact your local service office using the ‘Contact us’ section on this page.

On Site Service

Professional Services

MS Tech is the premier provider of detection & safety equipment. We also supply services to help our customers identify their security & safety needs. The Professional Services team can assess your site and offer strategies to achieve the highest possible level of security required for your location. MS Tech is available to assist customers with any aspect of their business where services are required.

Product Specialists 
Our Product Specialists have the highest technical authority within Service Operations. The Product Specialist serves as the key expert resource to other Service team members, and acts as the technical interface between Service Operations, Sales & Marketing, Research & Development and Product Management.

Our organization can provide you with various consulting services to assist you with addressing your security concerns. We offer various types of assistance, including site security & safety consulting.

For more information on how these services can benefit your organization, please contact your local service office using the ‘Contact Us’ section on this page.

Technical Support

Customer Service Center

The MS Tech Call Center maintains a fully trained staff for our complete line of detection equipment. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, to provide our customers with immediate assistance and with an easy means to order parts and consumables.

Dial-In Remote Diagnostics 
Dependent on your equipment, we can also provide remote troubleshooting assistance by connecting to your equipment for fast, efficient troubleshooting.


Help Desk 
Our Help Desk provides advanced technical support for all MS Tech’s equipment. This service is also available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and provides immediate front line support for your equipment.

For more information about how these services can benefit your organization, please contact your local service office using the ‘Contact us’ section on this page.

For service inquiries for specific products, please email:

Parts and Consumables

Parts and Consumables

MS Tech offers a full complement of parts & consumables for all of our products. Our consumables are specifically produced to maximize the performance of our products and provide our customers with the finest quality materials, to assure consistent sampling and accurate results.

Prompt Order Processing

Parts and consumable orders are generally fulfilled on the same day the order is placed with us, with different options for delivery to meet your requirements. Our multiple warehouse locations and logistics centers are open at all times, ensuring that your with order is aptly processed with quick and reliable delivery.

Customized Plans 
Depending on your needs, MS Tech can provide you with automated shipping processes and/or predetermined quantities, thus relieving your materials staff of the burden of constant supply monitoring. This service ensures that your company always has adequate supplies when you need them.

For convenient options to order supplies, please e-mail:

Certified Partner Program

MS Tech’s Certified Partner Program

The MS Tech Certified Partner Program & Portal are currently being designed to empower our partners by providing comprehensive sales & marketing tools, along with the benefits of a partnership loyalty program.

Whether you seek accessible know-how, global best practice sharing, valuable sales tools, or ease of doing business – MS Tech’s Partner Program can assist Channel Partners maintain a competitive edge in an ever-demanding market.

Additional information will be uploaded on this page soon. Until then, please email should you wish to be part of our early registration process.

Technical Documentation

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