Foodborne illness is a widespread and expensive international health problem.

At MS Tech food safety is extremely important. We empower food manufacturers, QA and QC personnel as well as consumer businesses with the tools to address the global health concern of food poisoning, and to ensure that the food produced is not contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, chemicals and parasites.

As food can become contaminated during any stage of production, preparation or distribution, our real-time detection and diagnostic sensors for food screening and inspection, are the perfect solution to this widespread health concern.

Some of the markets that can benefit from our innovative food safety products include:

● Food manufacturing companies
● Supermarkets and grocery stores
● Government inspectors
● QA and QC personnel
● Food catering companies
● External laboratories
● Hotels & hospitals
● R&D scientists
● Wineries

Real-Time Detection and Diagnostic Sensors for Food Screening and Inspection