MS Tech Unveils ANTEVORTA – A Sensor-to-Cloud Software Enabling to Respond to Threats in Real-Time

MS Tech Unveils ANTEVORTA – A Sensor-to-Cloud Software Enabling HLS and Security Agencies to Inspect, Detect and Respond to Threat Detection and False Alarm Anomalies in Real-Time

• Using IOT and Big-Data, ANTEVORTA enables to achieve a more accurate assessment of risk at the initial inspection stage with real-time and remote diagnostics capabilities ANTEVORTA interconnects an unlimited number of ETD’s into a single cloud management software platform
• ANTEVORTA is a remote hardware-agnostic platform that supports a deployed base of ETD’s with online support and machine learning to assess threat detection and false alarm anomalies
• ANTEVORTA enables security operators to achieve a more accurate assessment of risk at the initial inspection stage and build-up confidence in technology with live remote diagnostics
• Introduction of these new sensor-to-cloud capabilities includes 5 to 10 years of support contract
Arlington, Virginia, May 6, 2021, MS Tech Ltd. – a global developer, manufacturer, and innovator of nanotechnology, IoT and big-data sensors unveils ANTEVORTA – an innovative Sensor-to-Cloud, IoT and Big-Data software management platform.
Aimed for government agencies, customs, border control, first responders and to private security organizations, ANTEVORTA helps improving risk management with increased data analytics and operational efficiency by allowing decision makers to control explosives, narcotics, liquids and other threat screening activities from a single, secure platform supporting real-time awareness, live tracking and positioning and real-time decision-making.
Doron Shalom, CEO of MS Tech says: “We are addressing the critical needs of government agencies to receive alarms in real-time a comprehensive understanding and efficient management of explosives and narcotics detection systems across the country and globally. This is supported with an encrypted Android App both applicable for command and control centers and field operations.
“The name of this innovative software is taken from ancient Roman religion. ANTEVORTA brings MS Tech's sensors and threats detection capabilities into the next level where ETD’s can be tracked, positioned and remotely-diagnosed. “The development of ANTEVORTA was done in partnership with TEKWAVE Solutions LLC. from Atlanta and with funding from the BIRD Foundation – Israel-US Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation”. “As we expect the industry to get back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming months; these innovative sensor-to-cloud capabilities will be adopted by a range of security agencies, police and law enforcement, first responders, EOD units, border control, cargo, police, airports and airlines across the globe”; adds Doron Shalom.

About MS Tech Ltd.:
MS Tech is a global developer, manufacturer and innovator of nanotechnology detection and diagnostics sensors. MS Tech's technologies are based on its award winning and patented sensors, which represent a scientific breakthrough in the detection and identification of materials in gas, vapor and liquid phases. With over 22 years of history in analytical chemistry and technology experience, MS Tech's innovative sensor technologies are environmentally friendly with widespread applications in several market sectors, including food safety & product inspection, homeland security & defense, bio-medical diagnostics, fire & smoke detection, water & air monitoring and aerospace. MS Tech develops, manufactures and supplies customized detection sensors and integrated solutions to its affiliate companies and other industrial OEMs and resellers.

MS Tech invites inquiries about the application of its sensor technologies for the development of new products through strategic and commercial partnerships.

About the TEKWAVE Solutions LLC.:
TEKWAVE is a cloud company offering blended manpower and mobile software solutions and a full-scale technology provider to Fortune 1000 Corporations and global security firms in thousands of locations for over 10 years. The TEKWAVE solutions embrace the world of self-service and the automation of data. TEKControl boasts a suite of cloud platform solutions that address unmanned environments, allowing its users to replace the cost of labor with self-service and automated solutions that include messages, alert notifications, powerful workflows, configurable rules engine, and task management features ensuring critical jobs functions are completed on schedule. All of these activities can be monitored from TEKWAVE’s UL certified central station, where TEKWave already manages camera analytics and remote Vehicle Monitoring Systems and dispatch local security and law enforcement authorities when necessary.
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About the BIRD Foundation:
The Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation works to encourage and facilitate cooperation between U.S. and Israeli companies in a wide range of technology sectors and offers funding to selected projects. BIRD has approved over 1000 projects over its 44-year history. To date, BIRD’s total investment in these projects has been over $370 million BIRD funded projects have generated direct and indirect sales of over $10 billion.

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