Sensor Fusion Technology

The MS Tech Sensor R&D Center is currently developing the next generation of detection devices, based on proprietary Uni-Duo-Trio-Quadri Fusion sensor array technologies. The scientific approach is based on the use of orthogonal technologies working sequentially in a single detection device. This innovative method is designed to have multiple sensor arrays working individually and/or sequentially with high sensitivity, selectivity and specificity to target molecules.

Scientific Principle of Operation

The scientific principle behind MS Tech’s innovative Sensor Fusion devices is based on the use of advanced sensor fusion algorithms. These algorithms are designed to integrate real-time data and measurement outputs into a unified interpretation. The device involves multiple sensor fusion arrays using different types of sensors with different chemical and/or biological coatings.

The advantage of using sensor fusion based detection devices is that they provide a better estimation of accuracy, over a wide range of operating conditions. The integrated sensory information provides reliable, multilateral and high-level recognition mechanisms.