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Technology Advantages

Sensor Technologies – Advantages

MS Tech’s sensor technologies are based its award winning and patented High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance (HF-QCM) and Tuning Fork sensors, which represent a scientific breakthrough in the detection and identification of materials in gas, vapor and liquid phases.

MS Tech’s innovative sensor technologies are green and safe, with widespread applications in several market sectors, including bio-medical diagnostics, food safety & product inspection, fire & smoke detection, water & air monitoring and aerospace. The MS Tech Sensor R&D Center currently develops, manufactures and supplies customized detection sensors to its business divisions, subsidiaries and industrial partners.

MS Tech continues its R&D activities to further develop its sensor technologies to achieve and maintain its competitive edge and global market leadership. The competitive advantages its sensor technologies are summarized below:

Green technologies – uses no hazardous substances or radioactive source

“Learning” technologies – can be quickly taught to recognize new materials

“Upgradeable” technologies – can be remotely upgraded for detecting new substances

High sensitivity, selectivity  & specificity

Short response

Fast recovery time

Real-time transmission

Energy efficient

Low-power consumption

Resistance to humidity

Resistance to barometric pressure

Maintenance free sensors