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Professional Services

Professional Services

MS Tech is the premier provider of detection & safety equipment. We are also a supplier of services to help our customers identify their security & safety needs. The Professional Services team can assess your site and offer strategies to enhance and achieve the level of security required for your location. MS Tech is available to assist customers with any aspect of their business where services are required.

Product Specialists 
MS Tech Service Operations has created a group called Product Specialists. These individuals lead their product or product line as the top technical authority within Service Operations. The Product Specialist serves as the key expert resource to other Service team members, as well as the technical interface between Service Operations and Sales & Marketing, Research & Development and Product Management.

Our service organization can provide you with various consulting services to assist you with addressing your security concerns. We offer various assistance including Site Security & Safety consulting.

For more information on how these services can benefit your organization please contact your local service office using the ‘Contact Us’ section on this page.