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Building on the exceptional capabilities and proven HF-QCM Sensor Technologies, EXPLOSCAN™ is the most rugged, hand-held explosives trace & vapor detector in the market. Lightweight, easy-to-operate, robust and highly resistant to environmental conditions, the EXPLOSCAN™ is able to detect and identify a broad range of plastic, commercial, liquid and improvised explosives while maintaining the highest levels of sensitivity and selectivity.


Feature Highlights

  • Multiple sensors (orthogonal techniques) working together in one instrument
  • Driven by MS Tech, advanced software developed to interpret results of multiple sensor technologies
  • Non-radioactive
  • Automatic Detection, Identification and Monitor modes of operation
  • Rugged and lightweight

Hand-Held Explosives Threat Detector

 Multi-Mode Capabilities

EXPLOSCAN™ incorporates multi-mode detection capabilities in a single unit to assist security personnel to detect explosives and home made materials. With exceptional threat recognition and superior throughput, EXPLOSCAN™ offers outstanding detection, performance, and reliability across the spectrum of checkpoint security applications.

Download the full technical datasheet of EXPLOSCAN™